Sculpture On the Green

The Village Green is home to eight permanent sculptures throughout the park. These sculptures not only add visual interest, but they also inspire dialogue and discussion. The sculpture collection features varied mediums and styles including figurative and abstract art.

Sculpture On the Green was initially made possible through a generous contribution by Marvin and Helene Gralnick in 2005 when five sculptures were installed. Since that time, additional sculptures have found their place within the natural beauty of the park. The Village Green also provides space for special sculpture exhibitions.

Come Play with Me by Billie Evans

"Come Play with Me" by Billie Evans

49" H x 35" W x 31" D
Installed 2004
Donated by Gene and Sue Fetner

Juicy Fruit by John Clement

"Juicy Fruit" by John Clement

Bent and welded steel
10' H x 11' W x 16' D
Installed 2007

Tree by Jane DeDecker

"Tree" by Jane DeDecker

88" H x 24" W x 13" D
Installed 2007

Diabas Gateway by Claes Hake

"Diabas Gateway" by Claes Hake

Diabas granite
9.5' H x 8.5' W x 3.5' D
Installed 2007

Utlunta by Peter Lundberg

"Utlunta" by Peter Lundberg

Ground cast concrete and stainless steel
17' H x 17' W x 14' D
Installed 2007

The Hunt by Rosetta

"The Hunt" by Rosetta

17" H x 63" W x 25" D
Installed 2008

Kinetic Wind Sculpture by Lyman Whitaker

Kinetic Wind Sculpture by Lyman Whitaker

Double Helix: 79" H x 26" W
Miranda: 80" H x 37" W
Double Spinner: 86" H x 31" W
Installed 2012
Donated by the Judith Freeman family

Volar by Scott Strader

"Volar" by Scott Strader

Stainless steel
87" H x 53" W x 36" D
Installed 2013