Village Play Cashiers NC

 Village Play – Playground Restoration and Expansion Project!


One of the highlights of a visit to The Village Green is the children’s playground, Village Play. As you enter the gated area, the laughter and energy of children fill the air.

Village Play was designed by the children of Cashiers in 2002. The playground was then COMPLETELY constructed entirely 1,500 members of the Cashiers community over a matter of 5 days!

Now, during the spring of 2024, The Village Green will begin the Village Play Restoration Phase where we are inviting our fellow community members to help us restore the current, whimsical structure!

Thank you to everyone in our community for continuing to support The Village Green as your treasured location for community gatherings, social unity,  and family recreation!

Community Repair Days are planned for:

  • May 18th
  • June 15th
  • June 29th (This date may be canceled if projects have been completed on May 18th and June 15th)

*If you are interested and able to volunteer, please click HERE to sign up for a shift or hopefully a full day!*

Community Repair Days & Village Play Project FAQs:

Q. How long are the shifts?

A. We break the day up into two shifts (10am – 1pm) (1pm – 4pm)

Q. Will I need to bring my lunch?

A. The Village Green will have lunch provided for volunteers who have signed up and we will have snacks, waters and coffee available throughout the day.

Q. Why help?

A. The Village Green has heard from the community that areas of the current playground are in need of repairs, and we know how much our community comes together to support each other.

We invite you to join us in this fulfilling endeavor to ensure The Village Green’s Playground remains a vibrant heart of our village for families and friends to gather, play, and connect. 

If we can get 150 people to volunteer over these three days The Village Green can get the current playground repairs completed in a short amount of time so we don’t have to close the playground for long periods of time.

Q. Do I need to bring my own equipment?

No, The Village Green will have sanders, sanding pads, hammers, drills, nails, screws, boards, and paint/stain for the project. However, if you would like to bring your own equipment, that would be wonderful! You will find a full list of repair needs on this page by May 8th!

Q. When will construction on the new amenities begin?

A. Beanstalk Builders has given us a start time of Mid-October after Cashiers Valley Leaf Festival.

Q. What is the total cost of the Playground Restoration and Expansion Project?

A. The total estimated cost for this project is $375,000, and we have a goal to raise these funds by September 1st, 2024! That figure INCLUDES the restoration of the current structure, 10 tons of mulch, a new climbing tower, a ropes course maze, new tot-lot elements, two swings, two new slides, a water art wall, music elements, and ADA accessible horizontal play boards.

To donate to The Village Play Restoration and Expansion Project please click HERE!

*100% of the donations made to this project will be utilized for the Village Play Project*