Each year the Foster Memorial Dahlia Garden in The Village Green draws thousands of visitors to enjoy these beautiful blooms. Petal forms can include classic pompoms, spidery cactus, and daisy-like single blooms. The Village Green Dahlia Garden features these stunning and unique flowers. The blooms are different unusual shapes and bright colors, but each one is beautiful.

With a tax-deductible gift, The Village Green will plant dahlias and other perennial blooms in the park.  Visit the Donate Dahlias for Mother’s Day gift page to learn how you can honor the mothers and special women in your life with this special gift.  Wherever you see dahlias, daylilies, Lenten roses, and daffodils, you will know that yours are among them. It is a memorable gift that provides immeasurable joy for countless visitors who enjoy Cashiers’ park for the people.

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