Editor’s Note-This was supposed to post on Monday, April 13, however due to the
impact of severe weather in our area it was delayed.

Stay close to nature. It will never fail you. ~Frank Lloyd Wright
For many in Cashiers, The Village Green has become more valuable and meaningful
than ever. The 13 acre privately conserved park for public enjoyment was certainly
beloved and well-used before the coronavirus pandemic. Whether a daily walk, a visit
to the playground, sharing a picnic, or attending a concert or festival, The Village Green
is a popular destination in the center of Cashiers. Now, though, The Village Green has
become a sanctuary for our local population to escape the news and the ever present
anxiety we all feel from time to time.
We hope that you are finding solace with the unfolding of a new season in Cashiers.
Spring is such a beautiful time of year to take a stroll along the winding pathways or
through the wetlands and woodland glades. Benches throughout the park are tucked
away for reading or studying the activity of nesting birds. It is amazing to consider that
even though we must be socially distant that we can still experience a sense of
community—a loss that we are all grieving right now. In The Village Green, there is
enough wide-open space to safely be together yet apart.
At this time of social distancing, we want to emphasize practices that help us heal our
sense of separation and isolation, promote connection and awaken a sense of creativity
and responsibility for all beings. People in almost every faith tradition across the world
have ways of hanging simple objects as expressions of prayer, sending forth love,
courage and healing into the world. The Cherokee people use prayer ties (tobacco or
cornmeal wrapped in cloth) as offerings of prayers, intentions, and gratitude, tying them
to trees or leaving them in sacred places. All who come in contact with the prayer ties
are blessed by the intentions and prayers.
We invite you to create a version of prayer ties. The prayer ties can be tied to the
Gingko tree next to the Village Play (Playground) or the small Magnolia Tree opposite
the Village Play. We have created a set of instructions that you can find in our e-newsletter or by emailing director@cashiersgreen.com
Frank Lloyd Wright rightly observed that nature will never fail you. The Village Green is
playing a critical role to our community health and well-being. Spending time in the park
increases our capacity for joy. Now is a time to cherish loving nature.
The Village Green has and will continue to be a place of hope and healing. Times like
this remind us of the critical role this beloved emerald treasure serves for the people of Cashiers.


Editor’s Note-This was supposed to post on Monday, April 13, however, due to the
impact of severe weather in our area it was delayed.

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